Metal Slug X: Reliving the Run-and-Gun Glory Days

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METAL SLUG X is an updated version of “METAL SLUG 2” with a lot of new elements for even more fun and excitement! Bosses and other enemy characters await you at different points on the battlefield, so that even players who have perfected the previous installment will enjoy this new and improved game map!

A Classic Reborn

Metal Slug X, released in 1999, isn’t just a sequel; it’s a remixed and upgraded reincarnation of the beloved Metal Slug 2. Taking the foundation of its predecessor and injecting it with new content, refined gameplay, and enhanced visuals, Metal Slug X solidified its place as a fan favorite and a cornerstone of the run-and-gun genre.

Metal Slug X: Reliving the Run-and-Gun Glory Days
Metal Slug X: Reliving the Run-and-Gun Glory Days

Gear Up and Slug It Out!

Frantic Action:

Metal Slug X throws you headfirst into intense side-scrolling battles. Unleash a hail of bullets from iconic weapons like the Heavy Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher, blasting through hordes of soldiers, tanks, and bizarre alien monstrosities.

Slug Variety:

Take control of the series’ signature vehicles, the Metal Slugs. Each offers unique firepower, movement capabilities, and special attacks, adding strategic depth to the combat.

Weaponized Mayhem:

Collect power-ups like the Laser Shot and Iron Lizard for devastating attacks, turning the tide of battle in explosive fashion. Master dodging and utilizing the environment to your advantage for survival.

More Than Just a Blast from the Past

Refined and Expanded:

While retaining the spirit of the original, Metal Slug X features enhanced level design, with new branching paths, hidden secrets, and challenging boss encounters.

Newcomers Welcome:

Accessible controls and difficulty options make Metal Slug X enjoyable for both veteran players and newcomers to the series.

Cooperative Chaos:

Team up with a friend in local co-op and experience the campaign together, doubling the firepower and the fun.

Beyond the Battlefield

Pixelated Perfection:

The game’s hand-drawn pixel art oozes personality and charm, capturing the essence of classic arcade aesthetics.

Catchy Tunes:

An unforgettable soundtrack fuels the action, with adrenaline-pumping melodies that perfectly complement the frantic gameplay.

A Legacy Endures:

Metal Slug X stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the run-and-gun genre, offering pure, unadulterated action fun that continues to entertain players to this day.


Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer yearning for a trip down memory lane or a new player seeking a taste of arcade classics, Metal Slug X delivers. With its addictive gameplay, charming visuals, and explosive action, this enhanced gem offers an experience that’s as relevant and thrilling today as ever before. So, grab your Slug and prepare to unleash mayhem!

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