What is a Gaminator bonus?

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Gaminator Bonus are loyalty rewards for players. The longer and more frequently you play Gaminator, the more Gaminator Credits you’ll receive as a gift from us. Of course, there are also specific bonuses which are awarded to you on special occasions – they are usually announced via social networks, email or messages within the game itself. It always pays to switch on push notifications.

What is a Gaminator bonus?
What is a Gaminator bonus?

What types of Gaminator bonuses are there?

Here you can find an overview of the various bonuses which you as a player receive from Gaminator.

Time Bonus

We’re distributing Gaminator Credits in intervals of 4 hours – the total amount of the bonus varies according to your level and the number of friends connected to you in the app. As a VIP you can shorten the waiting time until the next bonus becomes available by a significant amount. Likewise, you can also invite more friends which count towards your Time Bonus as a VIP. Gaminator bonus

Level Bonus

When you play on Gaminator, you gain experience points with every spin in every game, increasing your experience level. You are rewarded with Gaminator Credits whenever you reach a new level.

Daily Bonus

Every day at 00:00 you receive an additional Gaminator Credits bonus. This bonus remains available for 24 hours. The Daily Bonus consists of various components and therefore its amount varies accordingly. Single bonuses are added together, with the resulting amount becoming your current Daily Bonus!

Experience Level:

You will receive a daily amount Gaminator Credits according to your current level.

Consecutive Play:

The more days you play consecutively, the bigger your Daily Bonus will be. Gaminator bonus


The more friends you have invited, the bigger your Daily Bonus will be. Gaminator bonus

VIP Level:

As a VIP you’ll receive a bigger Daily Bonus.


In addition to the many bonuses already present in the game, we also award generous bonuses for various occasions. On holidays (e.g. Easter, Christmas, and Halloween) we distribute big bonuses or attractive discounts. Enabling push notifications in Gaminator is always worth it!

If an email link isn’t working, you can also simply enter the bonus code in the game itself. You can find this option in the settings via “Bonus”!

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